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Important News for Egg Recipients

The Rainsbury Clinic has watched, with increasing dismay, the growing waiting lists of egg recipients awaiting donors.

At present, for every donor that comes forward, ten new potential recipients are added to the list which means that, for many women in need, there is no realistic possibility that treatment opportunities will arise in the next two years, but…

…there is a solution

The Rainsbury Clinic has established a close working relationship with leading Fertility Centres in Europe and America based where egg donation is not under the same restrictions as in the UK. We can have you matched with a high quality, fully-screened donor and prepared and ready for treatment in 3-6 months. Our partner centres work to the highest international medical and ethical standards, delivering results comparable with the very best in the UK.

Special Care...

We will prepare you for treatment in the London area and make co-ordinated arrangements for your treatment overseas. One treatment option using frozen sperm and embryos does not require overseas travel and results are comparable with fresh embryo transfer.

Act now…

If you wish to overcome the obstacles facing you as an egg recipient, call us for full details today.

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